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Get the Confidence of Having a Stunning Smile in 7 Easy Steps

Here at GreatSmiles, we are perfectionists. We take pride in ensuring that we cater to our patient’s needs and desires. We are responsible for both aesthetic and restorative aspects of dentistry, and we do our best to greatly increase our patients’ satisfaction with their smiles.

Our 7-Step Smile Makeover Plan helps us work with our patients to ensure that we achieve the superstar smile that they have always dreamed of.

Interview & Smile Evaluation

At GreatSmiles, we strive to ensure that we understand and meet our patients’ needs and desires. During the aesthetic interview, we identify the patient’s concerns and expectations, and we discuss their aesthetic wants.

consultation for smile makeover
digital x-rays

Records and Photos

During the Records phase, we take Digital X-rays, Intra-oral and Extra-oral Photographs, impressions of teeth for stone models to study the teeth and your smile. We also take T-scan and Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA) records to study the patient’s bite, jaw joint, position, and jaw muscles.

Bite Analysis

During the Bite Analysis, we dive deeper into the technical side and study the bone and bite structure. We use the information we get from the Muscle Exam, Joint Vibration Analysis, T-Scan® Computerized Occlusal Analysis, and other necessary tests. We then discuss the current state and the patient’s treatment options and their stability and longevity.

bite force

Smile Design

The fun part! During this phase, we move on from the tests and design the patient’s smile options. We create a 3D model based on our discussions of the patient’s desired teeth.

function test

Function Test

Using the temporary mold or the “trial smile”, the patient tests the look, feel, and function of their new set of teeth. This lasts up to 6 months until each detail of the temporary is adjusted and perfected.

Say Cheese!

Once adjustments to the temporary mold have been made, the patient’s new and permanent smile is created. The smile makeover is complete once we have achieved a smile success.

smile after restoration
home care

Adjustments and Maintenance

Adjustments to the bite and final smile is conducted on a periodic basis and determined as per each individual patient’s needs. Don’t forget that anything we put in the teeth requires maintenance. Daily oral care at home is very important as well as consistent periodic checkups and maintenance at our office. Each patient’s maintenance needs and schedule differs and will be discussed individually.