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Case Study 1: Kyle

Kyle, 16, is a high school sophomore who wanted to fix the gaps between his front teeth. His bite and tooth alignment were perfect but he suffered from tooth size discrepancy (his front teeth were small). Since the alignment of his teeth was good, we were able to complete Kyle’s composite bonding in one visit.
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“I’ve always been happy with my teeth except for the small gaps in the front. My teeth were also smaller than my friend's and family's teeth. I didn’t even know it could be fixed so fast until I visited Great Smiles.”‑Kyle

Treatment Summary

Case Study 2: Mary

Mary, 59, has a dental history that includes stained teeth, receding gums, and chipped and worn down tooth edges (incisal edges), multiple cracked back teeth and crowns, and multiple failing implants. After cracking her teeth while eating, she took this opportunity to restore her entire smile.

Treatment Summary

“While I was out eating dinner with my family, I accidentally bit into my fork and felt what no one ever wants to feel while eating: a sharp crack in my teeth. I have had teeth crack all my life and have had implants replaced previously. Those implants have also cracked and failed before. My implant surgeon told me that I needed an “architect” who will design my smile not only to be beautiful but also functional so that I do not have more teeth and implants failing in the future. She recommended that I go to Dr. Weddle for my bite and smile design. I was scared because I have had so many failures in the past with many dentists, but the team at Great Smiles took great care of me.”‑Mary

Case Study 3: Jessica

Jessica, 27, was on vacation in Mexico when she accidentally slipped and fell. Her mouth hit the floor and cracked a few teeth, including one front tooth that cracked all the way to the root. When a tooth root fractures, it can no longer be saved.

The fractured tooth was removed and an implant was placed at the same visit. Although her front tooth could not be saved, Jessica never went a day without teeth. We fixed her fractured teeth with composite bonding and also created a temporary tooth in place of her missing tooth that is attached to her existing teeth, while we waited for her bone to grow around the implant. She went on her daily life functioning normally, with teeth that felt like her teeth – nothing removable.

When the implant was ready, we placed a connector on her implant, and then made crowns for the 2 front teeth at the same time in order to match the color better. Everyone’s treatment time differs depending on their general health and their oral health. Typically, treatment like Jessica’s takes anywhere from 4-8 months to perform from start to finish.

jessica case study detail

Treatment Summary

TIP: Always file an accident report for insurance coverage purposes!

“I was horrified to find out that my front teeth have cracked. I could not smile, I could not eat, I could not speak without feeling self-conscious and embarrassed. I went to Mexico to celebrate my engagement, and I could not even imagine getting married looking like this. I was very upset and became depressed thinking about my appearance.”‑Jessica

Case Study 4: Emily

Emily, 30, was a nursing student who came in wanting a better smile. She has been very frustrated with her dental health and had numerous cavities that kept occurring throughout the years. Her upper right lateral incisor (the tooth to the right of the front tooth), never grew in which made her smile look uneven. She was also missing a tooth on the right side, which made her smile look even more lopsided.

Our first task was to control her cavities utilizing CAMBRA (Caries Management By Risk Assessment) to give Emily her dental health back. It is not safe to build new crowns and veneers if cavities are a problem because the new crowns or veneers will be more likely to develop cavities also. In conjunction with controlling her cavities, we also had to do some gum therapy. Once the cavities and gum health were better, we could then turn our attention to creating her beautiful smile through our Smile Design Program. We discussed with Emily what she likes about her smile and what she’d like to change. Together, we came up with a list of goals for her cosmetic treatment.

Treatment Summary

emily before after case study

“I love to smile, but my teeth made me feel embarrassed and insecure. For my wedding, I vowed to get the ultimate smile makeover I dreamed of. Thanks to the team at Great Smiles, I felt like a glowing bride with beautiful healthy, white teeth.”‑Emily