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Photo of family members (in relation to Dr. Michelle Weddle) and their profession (taken circa 1986):

Top row from left to right:

Dr. Ermelinda Sabater Galang (Aunt, Orthodontist); Virginia Tirona Sabater (Grandmother); Dr. Felipe C. Sabater, Sr. (Grandfather); Dr. Philip Sabater (Father, Dentist); Dr. Elvira Dela Torre (Mother, Dentist), Dr. Rodolfo Sabater (Uncle, Dermatologist); Dr. Christina Sabater (Physician), Rebecca Tirona Escobar Sayoc (Aunt); Dr. Maribeth Ugalde (Cousin, Dermatologist); Dr. Cecille Sabater (Cousin, Physician); Dr. Florencia Sabater (Obstetrician); Jun Sayoc (Cousin)

Bottom row from left to right:

JR Sabater (Cousin); Noel Sabater(Cousin); Lambert Sabater (Cousin); Randy Galang (Cousin); Dr. Katrina Sabater (Sister, Anesthesiologist- NY); Dr. Therese Galang Boquiren (Orthodontist- Chicago), and Dr. Michelle Weddle.

A Family Tradition: Three Generations of Dentistry

For as long as I can remember, dentistry has played a huge part in my life. Coming from a long line of dentists, part of me always knew I would be involved with this field in some capacity down the road. As I grew older, I slowly began to realize it was my true calling after all. After all these years… CONTINUE READING

May 2019

A Little Flair, A Lot of Help: My Life on the Stage of Dentistry

Both of my parents and my grandfather were dentists, but as I grew up in the Philippines, my future wasn’t always set in stone. I knew I wanted to be involved in the medical field in some capacity, but it wasn’t until way down the line that I knew dentistry was the profession I would be proud to take up for myself. What I did know early on was that I wanted to help people… CONTINUE READING

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