Smile Gallery

Cosmetic Bonding

The space between this patient’s 2 front teeth was bothering her. Her teeth are perfectly aligned and to do braces to close the space would take a long time and increase the expense unnecessarily. Composite bonding was used to close the space (diastema) between the two front teeth. This was accomplished in one 45 minute appointment and cost considerably less than orthodontic treatment (braces). Most diastema closures can be performed without anesthetic, depending on patient preference.

Porcelain Crown (Caps)

The patient needed Upper Arch Rehabilitation. The patient’s Upper Anterior teeth were stained, incisal edges (tooth edge) were worn down and chipped, and gumline recession was present. The patient’s smile was restored with placement of 8 Upper All Porcelain Crowns (Caps). Gumline and incisal edges are now uniform. Patient now has longer, better shaped teeth to enhance the smile line and aid in chewing/biting function.

Dental Implants

The patient needed a Single Tooth Replacement of one Upper Central Incisor. The smile and function were restored with a Single Implant and an All Porcelain Crown (Cap) that fit securely over the implant.

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